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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my new puppy eating?

There are many good, quality, nutritious food for your dog. I  prefer small kibble because these are small dogs. I use Science Diet for Puppies. 

How are puppies registered?

Pure Breed Puppies are AKC or APRI registered.

Can I get updated photos?

Pictures will be updated at least every two (2) weeks on the website.

What type of Guarantee do I get with my puppy?

Please see our Guarantee page in the header.

When can I get my puppy?

At eight (8) weeks of age your puppy will be vet checked, receive first shot and deworming. If your puppy is being flown to your destination he/she must weigh at least two (2) pounds before being shipped. Your new puppy will then be ready to come home with you.

What comes with my puppy?

Records of the vet check, shots and deworming. If a Pure Breed Puppy AKC or APRI registration papers. If the puppy is being flown to your destination they will travel in a airline approved carrier. 

If my puppy has to be flown to my destination how does that work?

We will determine which airport is best to fly your puppy. We will then schedule the flight that best matches your schedule. You are responsible for the cost of the flight.

What form of payment do you accept?

We use PayPal which accepts most types of credit card. We also accept cash.

Can you hold a puppy for me with no deposit?

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold a puppy for any duration of time without a deposit. We do understand that you may need more time to think about such an important decision, and we encourage that you do so. Unfortunately too many times, after time to think, customers have decided that a certain puppy is not the right one (1) for them. Every minute of holding a puppy may lead to the puppy missing out on a wonderful family who is very interested in receiving them. If you are ready to adopt, a deposit is absolutely required.

What if I want more than one (1) puppy?

We frequently encounter situations where a companion puppy is requested. When two (2) puppies are adopted together we have found they entertain each other and during those times when they must be left alone at home without you there is less separation anxiety. We have had very positive feedback from adopting families when this occurs.

What kind of treats and toys should I get my puppy?

Young puppies love plush toys that squeak as it encourages their playful nature and small hard chew toys. It is best not to leave a plush or easily damaged toy with your puppy unattended because they could rip it and eat the insides which could do harm to your puppy. As they age you will find they also enjoy ropes to tug on, tennis balls to chase and chew on, Nylabones, Bullibones, Kongs, and other tough toys. Always offer your puppy tough toys that are rated for heavy chewers. Tough toys are great for teething puppies and are also great for plaque removal and keeping your dog's breath fresh. I do not recommend treats for young puppies, it is important they get their nutrition and calories from the puppy food. 

What do I need to do when I get my new puppy home?

-If your puppy has traveled for more than a few hours to reach your home then you should give your puppy a

"sugar boost" in the event they have Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). I use corn syrup, maple syrup or honey.

Simply put a very small amount on a spoon or your finger and the puppy will do the rest. Repeat every four (4) hours, two (2) or three (3 ) times.

-Schedule an appointment with your vet to get your puppy checked out within two (2) business days of arriving home. Your puppies vaccinations are very important! A record of your puppies vaccinations will be provided with your puppy. Your vet will know when and how many shots will be needed to assure that all the protection for your puppy is achieved. Shots are normally three (3) weeks apart for a total of four (4) shots. IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR PUPPY DOES NOT GO OUTSIDE (TOUCH THE GROUND) UNTIL ALL VACCINATIONS ARE COMPLETE). THESE VACCINATIONS ARE TO  ASSIST IN BUILDING YOUR PUPPIES IMMUNE SYSTEM.

-Before bringing your puppy home you should puppy proof your home. This is very similar to bringing a new baby home. Your puppy will be very curious and anything he/she can reach will immediately become a possible toy. 

-I also recommend washable pee pads. They are very convenient when you are going to be away for a while and for training. I am already teaching your puppy to use pee pads in their play pins.

- Play pins are also useful in the event you want your puppy isolated during your meal times, entertaining guest, or just cleaning up around the house. I recommend a twenty-four (24) inch play pin with a walk through gate that is collapsible. This will allow you to move the play pin around to different areas if you wish or it can even be taken outside and set up. Both and Amazon have a large selection to choose from at various price ranges.

-It is important to begin a heartworm prevention program on your puppy. I use Interceptor Plus which are small chewable tablets. Interceptor Plus is a broad-spectrum parasiticide that prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls common intestinal parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. This is critical for your dogs health and length of life.

-Flea and tick medication should be administered. Ask your vet for recommendations on what type. I use Soresto Small Dog Collars. They last for eight (8) months., Amazon, WalMart are sources.

-Spay or neuter at six (6) months, highly recommended.

If you are local, I recommend Tabatha Edwards at Pretty Pets as a groomer, 828.460.2630. She is great, book your appointment two (2) to three (3) weeks ahead because she  has a backlog.

Where should my puppy sleep?

-This is a personal preference but I like crates. The crate should not be too large, I recommend a twenty-four (24) inch with two (2) doors, with a removable tray for easy cleaning. This allows for plenty of room for your puppy to turn around and creates a secure environment. A sleeping mat is recommended for comfort. I use and Amazon for these products. They have a large selection in various price ranges to choose from and have quick delivery. You puppy may cry when you put him/her in the crate but they will settle down after awhile. 

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact me by email, phone, text, or chat.

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